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Talking Mini Minotaur Plush Dolls ~ 2058

Talking Mini Minotaur Plush Dolls

Mini-Minotaur Plush Doll
Let this Mini-Minotaur cuddle your soul! With 14 unique expressions, he will be the cutest, deadliest thing you've ever owned! Just don't feed him any tartar sauce.


Mini-Minotaur Plush Doll Note, don't let him conquer your heart, he might eat it. Mini-Minotaur says 14 murder-tastic phrases, such as: CUDDLE ME!! I WILL CUDDLE YOUR SOUL!!! ... Have you seen Tim Tim? and more! He's a massive 19 inches tall, he's a real life-sized Mini-Minotaur. Actually, don't call him mini. He prefers vertically challenged. Can't wait 'til you get him!

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